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newsThe VC of SV University addressed a gathering about the importance of the MOU with Exafluence Inc.
Exafluence at MongoDB local NYC 2024
Exafluence is now a ISO 27001:2013 Certified Organisation

Exafluence Named Solutions Partner of the Year by MongoDB


NEW YORK, July 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Exafluence, a leading domain-centric data and analytics firm, today announced it has been named Solutions Provider of the Year by leading developer data platform provider MongoDB.

Exafluence-wins the MongoDB


Exafluence wins the MongoDB - Solutions Partner of the Year Award

Exafluence-FIS partnership


Exafluence’s ExfInsights, in partnership with DisruptivData's Snowflake Native App Investment Data Model, has been selected by FIS to power their new Investment Data Platform.

Exafluence Announces Joint Research Project with IIT - Tirupati


Exafluence is glad to initiate a Joint Research project with the Indian Institute of Technology, Tirupati(IIT_T) in “Modernization initiative towards comprehending COBOL programs through Knowledge graphs" cited in 'The Hindu' dated 23rd October 2021.

ChemoInformatics with RDKit Support on MongoDB

  • Integrate Public Chemical Cartridge Sources into your Proprietary and Privileged Sources in Days
  • Chemical Engineers and scientists can now securely interrogate open source and proprietary Chemical Cartridge permissioned data sources to help you speed innovation. MongoDB is used by leading Chemical, Pharma and Life Science companies globally.
  • The MongoDB JSON Document Model provides the flexibility to align Metadata across sources of Chemical Cartridge databases and allows for introduction of AI and ML faster and at lower cost.
  • Supports Fingerprints and Tanimoto similarity
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