ExfDigital is a low-code/no-code, no-cost platform that provides an array of technology feature blocks. These can be effortlessly combined to accelerate the data-to-decisions-to-dollars cycle, enabling our clients to swiftly adapt to market changes. The feature blocks are packaged as docker containers, making deployment easy on any cloud or on-premise platform. 


Data Movement & Harmonization

This app allows users to curate and transform data without coding. It uses metadata-driven and scalable methods to create data assets from new and existing datastores for analytics and AI/ML workloads.

80% of worldwide data will be unstructured by 2025 - Gartner

Real World Implementations

  • Asset Management | Cataloging of Market Data Information | MDM with lineage | Gold copy waterfall creation | Increased productivity of key personas

  • Stock Exchange | Data platform on SAP HANA | Data mapping | Transformation rules | SAP DI based orchestration | Eliminating silos & standardized processes

  • Asset Management | Trade Status modernization | Data harmonization | Mainframe systems using Kafka and MongoDB | Reduced time to integration

Data Quality Assurance

This app optimizes the key dimensions of data quality, including accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, validity, and uniqueness.

Bad data quality may cost businesses anywhere between $9.7 Mn to $14.2 Mn annually - Gartner

Real World Implementations

  • Media Agency | Design and build robust Data Validation | Marketing Analytics Platform transition | Anomaly detection | Reduced escalation from 10% to 5%​

  • Device Manufacturer | Data quality management | Validating service health metrics | Test 360 | Turnaround time reduced by 10%

  • Stock Exchange | Data platform on SAP HANA | Data Quality rules​| Data Cataloging | SAP DI based orchestration |Standardized processes

Visualization & Advanced Analytics

This app enables the creation of analytical solutions, ranging from visualization to AI/ML models, simulations, and process mining, at a faster pace and lower cost.

On average, between 60% and 73% of all data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics - Forrester

Real World Implementations

  • Power utility | Design & build network of IoT devices AI platform | Data Visualization | Clustering & Anomaly detection | Effort & Cost reduction

  • Beverage company | Attention Index prediction | Model Explainability | SHAP Dashboard | Enables better data monetization 

  • Battery Manufacturer | Factory floor automation | Conditional monitoring | 3D model and digital twin | Increased equipment effectiveness by 35%

Smart Access Apps

This app allows business users to easily and quickly discover, understand, and access data, resulting in faster delivery and lower costs.

67% of executives reported they were not comfortable accessing or using data from their analytics tools - Deloitte

Real World Implementations

  • Media Agency | Bot for Media Plan query | Natural language to SQL queries | Name and Content based file search | Effective media planning 

  • Pharma company| IoT based supply chain management platform | Drug   vaccine shipments tracking | Mobile App development | Real-time tracking

  • Pension Fund | Provider Metadata Management| Application Development | Graph API | Swift   Accurate Credentialing

Data & Code Parsers

This app enables advanced parsing capabilities for extracting data from documents (Word, PDF, etc.), retrieving essential information from Stored Procedures, and generating Spark Code for & migrating from diverse ETL tools.

80-90% of enterprise data is unstructured and locked in documents - Gartner

Real World Implementations

  • Financial Services | Legacy Modernization | Reverse engineering COBOL/DB2 code | Oracle Exadata Stored procedures to MongoDB | Reduced IT complexity

  • Home Health Care Services Co.| Analytical Infrastructure Design Setup | Informatica to PySpark code | Advanced Analytics | Licensing cost savings​​

  • Medical Device Manufacturer | Legacy Modernization of DW | ERP Platform Migration | Upstream SAP Migration | 40% cost savings​​