Legacy Modernization

Legacy modernization takes the outdated system and converts, rewrites, and
ports the existing applications to a new language that utilizes different libraries, hosting platforms, and protocols.

Approach of Exafluence on Legacy Modernization includes the following 3 stage process:

Given any Legacy software application and its associated code for example that could be Cobol, Java, Python, SQL, ETL code as XML etc., understand & visualize the overall functionality, control flow, data structures and logic of the application using a semi-automated ‘reverse engineering’ process.

We could utilize some of the Natural Language processing (NLP) techniques to summarize, document and understand code components and visualize using a knowledge graph. Scope of analysis is to include Cobol, Java, SQL and ETL code (XML)


Once the existing functionality & code of a legacy application is understood and analysed, we need to map the existing components to new ones.

For example,the change of relational data model to document data model could be a better solution, as it is more relevant for a future-proof modern application.


Create a low code / no code platform that can help in automating (to the extent possible) the conversion of legacy application(s) to modern ones through a ‘forward engineering’ processthat includes creating or making an application with the help of the requirements.

Generic Modernization

Many legacy apps are more than 40 years old. They need to be replaced. Once you’ve offloaded MIPS the hard problem still remains! Exafluence gets you from Old to New faster with our focus on providing the data tools to make this happen. We can reverse engineer Cobol/DB2, Informatica and Oracle/SQL Server sps and provide a landscape assessment.

Then we can take your data forward with a metadata driven alignment and codeless transform rulesIt’s time to run your business on the resilient platforms powering your mobile apps that scale using Docker and Kubernetes.

Our largest modernization projects get done with small teams working collaboratively with you. Our accelerators, provided at zero cost make using Exafluence a safe bet for successful outcomes on time and budget.