ExfInsights as an Investment Data Platform and an alternative to MarkLogic Data Hub

MongoDB and Exafluence, a MongoDB global strategic partner can now provide the means to replace Mark Logic and the Mark Logic Data Hub with the world’s most used document database.

By using the same tools Data Scientists use and applying them to solving DataOps everyday problems MongoDB is able to provide a proven solution.

Key Benefits are:

  • Lower Costs
  • Viable Vendor
  • Ability to access a wide pool of developers
  • Deployment on Private and Any Public Cloud with MongoDB Atlas
  • Support for Data Manipulation that is Multi-Domain and Multi-Model and follows a Multi-Source to Target approach inclusive of Mastering and Gold Copy Creation
  • Smart Matching of data using NLP and ML following a meta data driven approach
  • Data Governance Automation and Interoperability via REST API or Python/JSON Code Blocks
  • Data Harmonization (Matching/UnMatching) leveraging a low-code/codeless rules capability
  • Resiliency and Scalability via Docker Container and Kubernetes support
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