Exafluence Platforms

Platforms that automate, adapt & deliver…

Exf Health 360

360-degree view of healthcare information. Get a single view of golden record of data to identify relationships and gain insights that improve the performance of Payers, Providers, Pharma companies, Device manufacturers, CROs and the overall health quality of the patients.

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Exf Insights

Designed to offer new automation and solutions for Financial Services. Asset Managers are under fee pressure and new advances in Open Source offer an affordable solution to leverage tools that have gained widespread acceptance in other industries in what some are calling the fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Exf Industry 4.0

“The intelligent networking of machines and processes in industry with the aid of information and communication technology."

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Modernization Toolkits

Given any software application and its associated code (ex: Cobol, Java, Python, SQL, ETL code as XML), understand & visualize the overall functionality, control flow, data structures and logic using a semi-automated ‘reverse engineering’ process.

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