Covid 19 Self Assessment Mob/Web Application

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic Exafluence has developed a web application and a mobile app for a client in NYC. This app is intended for employees to submit their health status every day before reporting to office as per NYC mandate. New York State (NYS) requires employers to screen employees for virus symptoms and exposure before the employee can enter the workplace each day.

This screening tool asks a series of questions, and based on the responses, determines whether an employee should report to the workplace. The results are solely to determine whether an employee can report to the workplace and not a medical diagnosis of COVID-19.

The screening questions are as per the guidelines from NYS and NYC and to determine if the employee has experienced any of the Covid symptoms; tested positive for Covid; have been in close contact with a Covid infected person; or travelled internationally. Based on the responses the tool determines if the employee can report physically to the office or if he can seek medical help or work remote.

Notification will be sent to the HR and employee manager if the results is positive. There is a dashboard for the HR to review the screening reports submitted by every employee and talk to them on next steps. There is also metrics available for the HR to see how many employees take the test every day and the test outcomes.

The app is built using react-native for cross-platform support. The web version is deployed to Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes Engine. The iOS and Android versions are deployed to App Store and Play Store respectively. The authentication to the app is based on Microsoft Graph API which uses Azure Active Directory of the organization. This makes the app light weight and easily integrated to client’s employee base and compliance to its security policies.

The app data is stored in MongoDB which is a No-SQL document database. The app also leverages MongoDB Realm services like functions and triggers which does not require any server-side coding or backend APIs. The application logic is all in the Realm functions which is secure and close to the data and easy to manage as no deployments to servers required.

MongoDB features and Microsoft Graph API has helped Exafluence design, develop and deliver the app in Web and Mobile platforms in a significantly short time and thousands of users using the app daily for the safe work environment.