About Exafluence

  • Exafluence is a next generation, Global Technology Solutions company focusing on solving complex business problems leveraging Big Data, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Industrial IoT and Advanced Analytics - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to enable our client's digital transformation imperatives through innovation, agility and customer centricity.
  • We use Microservices architecture and custom-built platforms and accelerators that expedite solution development using our jumpstart API's, Registries, Industry standard data models and KPI repositories for Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Insurance and Manufacturing verticals.
  • Our team of Client Advisors, Subject Matter Experts, Data Scientists, Analysts, Engineers and Developers, coupled with our ecosystem of partners, brings cross-industry and multi-client perspective across both matured and developing markets with round the clock execution capabilities.

Who We Are

Exafluence is a hybrid global Systems Integrator with platforms providing Cloud Native solutions that invests 20pc of Gross Revenue in Accelerators to speed digital transformation following a data driven approach to Financial Services, Healthcare and Industrial 4.0.   At Exafluence we help firms modernize legacy monolithic applications to new scalable and agile business applications that provide the same capabilities we take for granted on mobile applications:


Handle volumes that would crash legacy applications


Able to run anywhere with redundancy

Easily Updated

Updates can be pushed out without downtime, normally taking months and costing millions; even across clouds


We take it for granted that a microservices architecture is able to support data meshes and provision of Rest APIs is a requirement

Quick to Market

Cloud native development techniques speed capabilities via Python, JSON, Spark and Kafka and position’s our clients for a real-time, event driven architecture

What We Do

  • By using the same tools Data Scientists use and leveraging Open-Source ensembles we apply NLP, ML and AI to our Modernization projects, as well as, in our data transformation accelerators. By marrying vertical SMEs and Developers familiar with the latest tools and databases we deliver better outcomes, faster.
  •  Our investment in accelerators reduces the time, cost and risk of moving to local, AWS, Azure, GCP public cloud.   In all our verticals we have created real solutions that are used to speed your project and customized for your requirements.

How We Do It

Scan legacy data sets to look at Data Quality and Day over Day Usage Patterns
Create Gold Copies and Apply Rules to new app's target NonSQL or SQL Database to create a digital transformation rules catalog that offers a Rest API and Python/JSON code blocks
For clients who require RBAC and multi-tenant capabilities
Supports Docker Containers and Kubernetes Cluster for dynamic scaling
Reverse engineer COBOL and Stored Procedures for “lost” IP and business rules converted to object ready blocks
Provide full versioned data migrations audit and lineage of all data migration
Leverage Confluent Kafka for real-time architecture  
Exafluence code is formally reviewed and scanned for vulnerabilities following best practice with elimination of privileged access 
Database Reconciliation Speeds Transformation from legacy monoliths to modern NoSQL or other
Utilize Object Storage 
MicroService Based Accelerators with Rest APIs and Code Blocks
We offer on premises or any public cloud provider (AWS, GCP or Azure)
Use of NLP & ML to align data, discover Metadata and auto-document it
Blue/Green deployments without downtime
Everything is automatically tagged and curated with lineage
We rapidly refactor and redesign your apps for cloud native services that provide agility for your business