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  • Exafluence’s vision is to offer clients scalable tools and solutions showing thought leadership using Open-Source collections augmented with NLP, ML, AI and distributed ledgers for successful Cloud-First transformations to modernize legacy applications.
  • At Exafluence we’ve been successful because we offer SMEs teamed with Technical Resources coupled with accelerators and solutions to attract and deliver for our customers. We deliver Production Ready solutions ready to pass Audit, CISOs, Risk & Compliance. We understand that if it’s not in production it’s not real.
  • Exafluence early on realized that Open Source and Cloud computing represented a generational shift in how applications are built and delivered. We have invested in digital transformation toolsets that reverse and forward engineer data so that clients benefit quickly from migrating legacy applications.
  • With this vision we have evolved to be a global 60-person firm offering innovative accelerators for clients in Finance, Industry and Healthcare.
  • Let us help you transform your legacy applications, securely.


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Exafluence is one of the top 20 players in the Healthcare sector, Our unique Health care Platform gets recognition

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Most firms across all major industries today are grappling with the issues around their ability to integrate data from their proprietary systems, third party data providers and public sources in near real time to keep their analytics and data-driven insights relevant for the evolving needs of the business.
Using Exafluence's ML Framework and partnering with various external data providers across industries, we provide rich, actionable insights into market data by identifying anomalies. In this process, we also enrich the data provided by third party data providers.
Exafluence's ML Framework includes a library of Machine Learning and AI algorithms that are applied to reference data before the data is ingested into the Data Warehouse/Data Management platform. As a part of this offering, we enbale our customers to identify hidden rules, patterns, and duplicates that improve data integrity while adhering to DQ thresholds.
Exafluence Customer 360 - Sentiment Analysis:
Exafluence provides a platform to understand the emotional sentiments from comments posted by various users across social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. For any topic (Identified by hashtag), our application aggregates comments posted by the users under this topic. The built-in algorithms analyze whether the comments reflect positive, negative or neutral opinion and provide a summary of statistics.
Exafluence Provider MDM - NPI (National Provider Identifier) Alert:
Our NPI alert mechanism is used to track and record the updates of a Healthcare Provider based on unique NPI number. Once there is any change in provider details, geographic location, affiliations or services, our application will issue an alert and show attributes that are updated for the provider. We leverage Spark for large data volume processing as ETL which serves as a core for providing updates to our Healthcare MDM Platform solution.
Exafluence Insights - ML has driven data enrichment for capital markets:
We have developed a library of ML and AI algorithms that are applied to reference data and market data across Securities, Entities, Accounts, Instruments, Trades, Positions, Pricing, Corporate Actions etc. to provide insights before it is pushed into Data warehouse or Data management platforms.
We enable the sell-side and the buy-side players to identify hidden rules/patterns/duplicates/anomalies thus increase the confidence in the data and its adherence to data quality thresholds. Some use cases solved are around:
I. Build drop and drag analytical data models for risk and profitability calculations
II. Provide analytics for on-the-spot decision making by front-line personnel
III. Serve as a foundation for operational reporting, self-service analytics
Firms of the future need to focus on their core, "Change the Business" processes rather than deploy armies of people on rudimentary, 'Run the Business' operations.
Exafluence leverages its expertise on Automation, Devops, Blockchain & ACOE to provide significant time and cost savings to our customers enabling them to focus on mission- critical processes and innovations that are core to their business and to keeping them ahead of the competition.
Automation and DevOps
Automation of build and unit testing is the way to improve code quality and shorter deployment cycles. It is an industry standard to maintain a code coverage of 90%. Exafluence uses continuous integration tools such as Jenkins, GitLab, Bamboo etc. to monitor code changes, perform build and run test scripts automatically to improve code quality and shorter deployment cycles. We help perform feasibility analysis on what needs to be automated and enable a test strategy to identify the defects before the build request is created. We configure to run the unit tests and coverage reports on the central code repository using JaCoCo, Cobertura etc. as soon there is a change, and report on test failures for immediate fix.
This assures exceptional code quality, a robust codebase, and a smarter way to automate your SDLC.
ACOE: Provides a framework for managing people, processes, standards and governance for effective delivery of analytics assets(including BI projects, platforms, and support). The ACOE serves as a one stop shop for all data management and BI needs of your organization, and serves as an interface between IT and Business functions.
We provide pre-built frameworks, accelerators and domain expertise to enable ACOE ground-up for our customers.
Setting up and implementing a robust data governance framework for metadata definition, consolidation and change management is crucial to manage the ongoing cultural, procedural and structural impacts on the MDM initiatives of any organization.
Exafluence has implemented data lineage and governance solutions using Neo4j to show business and technical metadata lineage in a visual format, primarily complementing the business dictionary and key API's. It enables in understanding the relationship between entities and attributes via easy, visual depiction.